Wednesday, 30 January 2013

You're so scrunchaaaayyy

A fair while ago I blew my own trumpet and proclaimed that I was in fact very much ahead of the ‘arm candy’ fashion trend du moment. I am very pretentiously going to tootle on the same trumpet again..

About 2 years ago, in the summer of 2010, my dear friend @anna_bee20 and myself were enjoying a shopping spree. We waltzed into H&M and whilst paying, I fell into the intended consumer trap of H&M: strategically place some products at the till which the customer will innocently glance at while paying… and hopefully buy. Scrunchies. Simply thrown into a little box, for a mere £1.99 for two. I fell into the trap and purchased said scrunchies.

I’ve always been one to shove all of my hair ontop of my head as opposed to elegantly style it, therefore the scrunchies were a godsend for me. Obviously I did have to endure a wee bit of teasing… “ahaha you’re actually wearing a scrunchie?! Are you 5?”

Fast forward to the fashion weeks of S/S 13 and the catwalks are going wild for the scrunchie! Not only Ashish paraded them down their runway, but Vivienne Westwood even commissioned bespoke styles from MCS (My Crazy Scrunchie – Cara Delevingne and Suki Suki Waterhouse are fans). Elle, Cosmopolitan and Company magazines have all commented on them as have, of course, fashion bloggers en masse.

I cannot have been more ahead of the trend. Hells maybe Ashish’s designers even saw me rocking my scrunchies. Naturally I won’t mention the fact that my number one reason for buying those trend babies back in 2010 was to try and prevent further split ends and sheer laziness as opposed to fashion. 

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