Wednesday, 16 January 2013

3 Things that I currently do that I don’t have time for

What the title says. Literally & metaphorically – make of it what you wish!

*‘Kimye’ – it’s fine, I get it, they’re dating and they’re happy. Oh and in case you didn’t know, they’re having a baby. Which I incidentally feel should be named ‘PR Stunt Kardashian-West.’ This poor child is going to be splattered across the media so much so that it’s face will almost probably become more familiar to me than my own reflection…while earning mummy and daddy Kimye sweet sweet $$$$$$s

*Bern: the picturesque capital of Switzerland. Idyllic, charming and endearing. Superb for shopping it is not, but nonetheless well worth a visit. Japanese / Spanish / American tourists or locals, all bumble along the cobbled streets or gracefully meander through the arcades, stopping to ooh and ah at the delightful displays of local artefacts in the windows… Here two worlds collide. I am an excessively fast walker, I have places to go and people to see.. But no-one in Berne seems to share my mentality! And the arcades are so narrow. So narrow! I can’t get past!

*The cold air makes my hands dry and look unpleasant.

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