Monday, 7 January 2013

Christmas & New Years 2012

The Christmas / New Years season this year has been a good one... Friends, festivities, frolicking and food. In hindsight I’d say for me, the best things about this season have been:

Holidayyy Whether you love work or hate work, it’s always nice to have a little time off. This is probably the one time of the year where it’s totally acceptable to laze around in ‘loungewear’ all day and do nothing. Apart from drink. And eat. Even if you’re revising for GCSEs, A-levels, Uni finals, Accountancy exams etc etc it is frowned upon to get your revision notes out on Christmas Day. Make the most of it…
…On that note, it’s 100% acceptable to drink all day and take a nap whenever you feel snoozy!

Port wine & cigars on Christmas Eve This has turned into a bit of a Neiss Family tradition. Daddy’s dinner has been devoured and everyone is deliciously drunk. All the grown men and the children (or ‘semi-adults’ as I term myself) head onto the patio to smoke a cigar and drink some port wine. (Obviously the children are just there to smoke up the atmosphere. Not an actual cigar.) This year I pushed the boat out...I smoked a Virginia Super Slim.

Presents Giving, receiving, whatever takes your fancy. Who the hell doesn’t like getting new stuff or seeing that smile on mummy’s face when you’ve given her something cute and loving?! Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without a bit of giving and getting. After all, Baby Jesus got some gold, frankincense, myrrh, some sheep etc etc

Christmas carols and especially Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! This hymn has such a feel good factor about it that they should prescribe daily 10 minutes of singing it at the top of your lungs to anyone suffering from depression.

Christmas TV & Films The Muppets’ Christmas Carol! Elf! Miracle on 34th Street! Love Actually! I could go on.. Christmas films + a glass of mulled = pure bliss. I’m not even going to start on Christmas TV specials… Christmas Specials are always bloody brilliant, no matter how bad the TV show.

Finally, I’m going to be controversial and say Christmas Eve. Yes. Better than Christmas Day. For my family, coming from a European background, this is the classic present exchanging time anyway, as opposed to Christmas Day. However I’m inclined to say that the Christmas Eve activities of decorating the tree, eating a good meal, singing a few carols, midnight mass and the anticipation of the next day are what makes it so great. Unlike Christmas Day, no-one runs out of steam and there isn’t a huge anti-climax.
-       Sub note: this year Christmas Eve was altogether something special... My aunt received a copy of the notorious Fifty Shades of Grey and post-port wine and champers, father dearest thought it would be a complete hoot to read from it. Aloud. Obviously only the sex scenes. 

Ah the Christmas season..!! 

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