Saturday, 7 July 2012

The (almost) Graduate

University is over and the degree in in the bag. (A good solid 2:1 thank you very much) The Gradball has happened as has the post-uni girls holiday to Portugal. All that's left is the physical Graduation. To be honest it definitely still hasn't hit me..!! University is over and now the real world beckons. So as I take my next baby steps into real life, I thought that I'd give you a list of some of the things I think everyone should do while still at uni. Some I did, some I wish I did and some are just for pure lols..!

1. Go to the Off-licence / corner shop / Sainsbury's Local in your pyjamas. This is only acceptable at uni.
2. Wear leggings / big comfy jumper whenever possible, as again, this is only really acceptable at uni.
3. Have a one-night stand. Discuss the awkwardness with your housemates.
4. Do an all-nighter (twice: once partying and once for a deadline)
5. Go and visit ALL your home friends at their unis, you'll never get such a good insight into different cities
6. Join a society you're generally interested in and actually try and do well in it! ie become team captain / president etc
7. Waste some time! If you usually make the most of your time and don't spend EVERY waking hour on Facebook this is definitely ok!
8. Have a drunken political debate with someone a) who shares your opinion b) who opposes your views
9. Eat Sainsbury's own Super Noodles (9p a pack) for a whole week
10. Have an epic dinner party with lots of people. An Asian feast goes down a treat, think  Sushi / Samosas / various curries / spring rolls / prawn toast... Yep, it was great!!