Monday, 4 February 2013


New week, new start and I'm feeling brave. I've signed myself up (quite literally via email confirmation newsletter) to Penguin Books' Readarama. The idea is pretty simple - read a novel a week. You can either read along with what THE mysterious 'reader' is reading (and no it's not the boy reading to Kate Winslet) or you can simply read whatever floats your boat... as long as it's a novel. In a week.
Obviously the idea is to hashtag away to your hearts content via #readarama on Twitter, in order to fully participate, or to let anyone who's bothered know what you're reading!

At the moment I'm juggling a full time job, uni Masters applications, a house hunt etc etc blah blah sob sob, but hopefully I'll give myself the kick up the bottom to do this little resolution! (And if I'm having a particularly bust week then yes, The Very Hungry Caterpillar WILL count as a novel.)

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