Monday, 18 February 2013

eye fone

The day has come, I've caved and jumped aboard the iPhone bandwagon. Up until 1pm on Saturday afternoon I was still toting my Blackberry Curve 8250 circa 2009/10. The touch pad no longer worked, it's slowness was sheer frustration and various communication means on it were frankly, a joke, but it was still my baby. Nah, I won't get an iPhone. I like my Blackberry. I lied.

Now I am the partially proud but completely confused owner of a swish new iPhone. World of technology, communication and Instagramming be my oyster! #smug

Two days in and I've already realised why the heft price tag was worth it: I no longer have to put myself through and endure THE bone melting and gut wrenching Blackberry alarm.

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