Thursday, 30 May 2013

Top 10 Veggies.

I am a great advocate of the vegetable. Salad? Roasted veg? I’d have either any day over a pack of fries. Pathetic? Possibly. Yummy? Yah. 

  • Asparagus – Sadly only limited to May and June, asparagus is a firm favourite of mine. Yes it does make your wee smell, but I am an adult now, I can handle this. (It still freaks me out) 
  • Broccoli – no words describe my love for broccoli. In a stir fry, in a salad, in a sauce. 
  • Mushrooms – as a child, these were my worst nightmare. On a plate. How could I have been so naïve?! Mushrooms of the world, I apologise for misjudging you. Fried, baked, roasted or steamed, you’re delish and are even a suitable solo snack. 
  • Brussel sprouts – ah another classic childhood ‘ew’. But thanks to Jamie O, I have learned that together with some bacon and walnuts, these little bad boys are frightfully yummy. 
  • Cucumber – dipped in salsa. All day and everyday. 
  • Tomato – this is a fruit my bottom. A vegetable as great as they come, there’s always space for a tomato in my salad. Gives the green some colour! 
  • Kale – while I’m not going to follow the trend and blitz some kale into a super smoothie, I do very much advocate kale crisps. Lessons learned from many a wasted batch? (Burned to a crisp.. ha) Timing is crucial! 
  • Spinach – Is there actually any proof that spinach gives you Popeye worthy Pecks? Obviously this is a third childhood hate. But if mother dishes this up now I gladly oblige. 
  • Aubergine – Purple gentle giants that are ideal when roasted. 
  • Beetroot – makes an utter mess if spilled down a white top. The father, the sister and I still giggle about the time it happened to a very unlucky nun wearing a white habit.

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