Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Childhood v Adulthood

In continuing with yesterday's little post, I thought I'd compare the pro's of childhood with those of adulthood...
The pros of being a child:

  1. You can do the most random and outrageous things and it’s (mostly) socially acceptable, sometimes even cute! If you want to have a little scream in Tescos and throw some apples on the floor then go right ahead.
  2. Role playing is insane. Any career is a possibility. One day I was a mother, with an army of BabyBorn children that all needed my love and devotion. The next day I was a significantly successful musical super star in the West End. And the next I was Titania, Queen of the Fairies...and naturally ma petite soeur was my elfin slave.
  3. Not only do I think that children’s imaginations are amazing, but also their approach on things. It’s usually so straight forward and direct. Things that us ‘adults’ simply overlook. (Brutal simplicity of thought Mr Saatchi? Employ some children.) For example: I was listening to a literary podcast where children around the ages of 5-7 years old were asked whether they would like to be Harry Potter and why. While most boys my age would probably have said yes and waved some pretend magic wand through the air shouting EXPECTO PATRONUM, the little boy on the podcast simply said “No. Because Harry is always having to do something or be something. He is never just normal Harry and hangs out with his friends.” I had never even considered that. (I would still want to be Ginny.)
  4. Dating and interacting with the other sex. Oh my gosh, why did I never take advantage of how simple this is as a child?? “Hello, my name’s Lisa. Would you like to share my Smarties?” Nowadays an awkward lock of the eyes in a crowded bar could lead to an awkward “Would you like a drink?” followed by an awkward “So what do you do?”
  5. The biggest worry I had was probably along the lines of whether Hattie had more Beanie Babies than me. Phone bill? Que?
The pros of being an adult:

  1. I’ve spent 16 years in education to date. I’d like to say I have learnt a lot. Obviously I can’t remember exactly what I learnt in Year 4 in the Summer Term, (I think we did a pond project and I caught some tadpoles) but I’m confident that having overcome childhood I certainly have both more general and expertise knowledge than I did as a child.
  2. Although I no longer have the liberty of choosing a new ‘career’ on a daily basis, I do have the opportunity to actually practice a career. QUOTE: if you find a job you like you’ll never work a day in your life and all that jazz. Having said that, if Titania offered a grad scheme I’d be on it like a shot.
  3. Decisions. Yes I can still consult the parents on various matters, but at the end of the day it’s down to me to decide. Right from what time I go to bed, to where and when I’m going on holiday this summer. (Am I invited on the family holiday?!)
  4. I am a lot less restricted in daily life! I can go on theme park rides for those over 1.4 meters, I can take out films labelled 18 and I can drive, drink and buy lottery tickets. 
  5. I can do the most random and outrageous things. Ok so I may not be able to have a little scream in Tescos and throw some apples on the floor without being sent to a psychologist, but I could literally right this second get on a tube, go to Heathrow and get on a flight to Cuba. Why Cuba? Not sure.

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