Sunday, 5 February 2012

Thoughts of a university OAP

“Woop I’m going to Mbar tonight, are you out?”
“No, we’re just having a chilled house-night in with some wine.” – Lies. Maybe one of us will drink a glass of wine, but I’ll do some work, have dinner and after watching a bit of mind-numbing TV and a big discussion on how we WILL be finding our husbands before the end of uni, going to bed with a book. Shit. I’m 20 and in my final year of uni and not 50 with a mortgage. Right so we often giggle about how much of a ‘Grandma’ we’ve all become, but jokes on us, the witty jest is in fact far from ironic!

The memory of Fresher’s Week alone makes me tired…out every night, in bed at 3am at the earliest and on average 15 units of alcohol consumed a night (don’t judge…we all know it’s easily done).  Oh and on a Saturday? Up at 8am after a heavy 9pm-3am stint at Ocean and onto the Rag Raid bus to Cardiff/Leeds/Newcastle/Liverpool/etc to ‘do our bit for charity’ and then get absolutely legless on the bus on the 8 hour journey home. The thought now honestly makes my toes curl.

But the icing on the cake simply has to be our ‘house party’…  The Facebook event had been created and we were even planning on a DJ! No chance. Suddenly I was flitting off for a casual family holiday for the weekend, another housemate had been called home and yet another had boyfriend commitments. The tables quickly turned from ‘so what dates is that DJ free?’ to ‘why don’t we just invite people over and make a huge pot of tea and some cupcakes?’ I kid you not, the suggestion was serious and we all agreed!!

So have I grown old and boring (at 20?! FML)? After a mild oh-god-I’m-so-old panic, I draw the conclusion that no, I’m not boring. I’m simply enjoying sober time with my friends and making the most of seeing them whilst I can. And when reality confronts you that next year you’re suddenly out there in the big bad world sans student loan (David Cameron I’m forever in your debt…quite literally) spending about £20 a night every night on drinks that are quite honestly gross, just doesn’t seem feasible!

Still, Fresher’s, I salute you. 

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