Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hiding behind the internet...

“Hi sexy xxx ” - these were the actual words a complete stranger sent me on Facebook the other day via private message. Upon looking at the ‘info’ on his Profile, I was delighted to discover he was an apparently single sleaze looking for ‘attractive, single girls for…’ (I won’t burden you with it) After I’d obviously deleted the message, WITHOUT responding, I did stop to think.

Why on earth do people think that this is ok?! I put good money on the fact that had I passed this lovely lad in the street, he wouldn’t have even so much as squawked at me, so what gives him the right to do it over the internet?

Another scenario: one of my housemates is one of this years ‘Flirty Thirty’ on ITV’s dating show Take Me Out and I hasten to add puts on by far the best performance. She comes across as genuine, pleasant and good fun and doesn’t once put a foot out of place. Yet still, five minutes into the show #takemoeout is obviously trending on Twitter and, although there are nice comments about her, the majority, are simply unnecessary and ridiculous.

So why do people think that it’s in any shape or form acceptable to hide behind the internet? An ‘online presence’ myself, I like to occasionally twitter my (probably useless) thoughts and ideas to the outside world or get in contact with people via Facebook, and yes it is a way of meeting new people. But surely just because the receiver of your message may not know you or know who you are, does not make it in anyway acceptable to be horrid or simply out of place? You may not be face to face and the other person may not physically see you, but you’re still conversing, so surely conversation conventions apply. I wouldn’t dream of walking up to a random person in the street and telling them their voice is annoying/I fancy them, would they like to…(you get the jist).

Come on guys. Manners apply on the internet as much as on the street.

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