Monday, 25 March 2013

7 Cool Things

When I was doing my last internship at a rather cracking advertising agency, one of my 'workie' tasks was to compile a list of '7 Cool Things' that I'm currently infatuated with and explain why.

ONE:            The new BMW 5 series - looks yum and is a
                           dreamy drive

TWO:           Monet’s 1899 ‘The Water-Lily Pond’ painting - in
                           room 43 of the National Gallery in case you need 

THREE:        Bubblegum - especially Bubbalicious or Anglo 

FOUR:           Scrunchies - yes they may be ‘back in fashion’ but I 
                           have been wearing mine continuously since 1996 
                           for simplicity’s sake / to avoid spilt ends. And I 
                           have endured the bullying.            

FIVE:              Podcasts - ideal for the Tube and there’s something 
                           for eeeeveryone

SIX:                 Jennifer Lawrence - her voice, her persona, her
                          dress sense...babe.

SEVEN:         Sarcasm - when will sarcasm ever not be cool. 

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