Wednesday, 19 December 2012


So on 21.12.2012 the world is going to end. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t it be more poetic is it was the 20.12.2012 or the 21.12.2112?)

If I had lots of time left (and was as sceptical about my future as the Mayans are being) I would obviously create a personal list of 21 things to do before the 21st while aged 21. Sadly there’s not much time left before the 21st so I’ll condense the list to 10 things I’d like to do…

 1.  Spend a day frolicking in London with all my nearest and dearest – art galleries, restaurants and shopping galore!
2. Host a delightfully lavish dinner party (à remembering that money isn’t an issue, I won’t be needing any anymore anyway, so I’d really splurge!)
3. Invite someone I’ve been meaning to get in contact with for ages but haven’t to said dinner part
4. Invite someone excessively outrageous to said dinner party, purely for entertainment
5. Cook ALL the food for ALL the courses from scratch for said dinner party
6. Skype call the person furthest away from me in the world right now
7. Read a novel in a whole sitting without leaving the sofa (only to go to the loo)
8. Buy a Celine Boston bag
9. Go for a ride / on a hack with my sister dear
10. Spend an evening in front of the fire with magazines and books and a cup of tea. And someone to give me a shoulder massage.

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