Sunday, 14 October 2012

Come Dine With Me

Now that I have a pad of my own, I figured that it was about time that I threw a swell dinner party. Obviously I’d have one for my friends and loved ones and I suppose family, but this, my friends, is my ideal dinner party guest list (of Brits only) along with a nice memo of why I’d invite them. Oh and please do note my consideration regarding numbers – one girl to every boy (seeing as I am a girl and will obviously be taking part, there must be one more boy than girl on the guest list).

The females
·      The Queen: this woman has pure class and is probably one of the most fascinating people to talk to.
·      J.K. Rowling: she developed Harry Potter (i.e. the greatest story / plots / concepts / characters of all time) and therefore I inevitably must meet her personally.
·      Adele: she is single handily taking over the world. (21 got 6 Grammys, 2 Brits and is the 7th biggest selling album EVER in the UK and she’s singing the theme for the new Bond film Skyfall
·      Alexa Chung: my sister sometimes lovingly refers to me as Alexa. I guess we both have brown hair, a similar face shape and are both lanky. This (sadly) is where the similarities end. She has buckets of style and a Mulberry bag named after her. (One of which she’ll hopefully bring me as a house warming gift...)
The males
·      Prince Harry: he’s great.
·      Boris Johnson: I simply want to know what all the hype is about – is he really as down-with-the-kids as his clever PR wants us to believe? Or is he in fact as ‘commercial’ as various BBC articles have whispered? He definitely seems vociferous and dishevelled but there’s nothing shambolic about his mind or soft about his ambition... He also likes to chat in Latin over lunch. Thankfully not dinner.
·      David Tennant: yes, I used to have an odd little crush on him. When his Doctor Who put on his glasses and went all crazy clever I simply wanted to be there, hold his hand and say: Doctor, it’s going to be fine.
·      Stephen Fry: he is simply fantastic. I don’t even know where to begin singing his praises. Perhaps most usefully to the dinner party scenario is that he’s an incredible raconteur and apparently an exceptional after dinner speaker. (He also voices the Harry Potter recording, which I have spent many MANY an hour listening to…)
·      Ed Westwick: he’s originally from the UK! Shimply shmokin’ nuff said. Oh and Chuck Bass isn’t half bad either.  

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