Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pre-adult Angst

Having just come back from my last ever Easter holidays of undergrad uni life (!) has potentially made me more confused than ever. I really welcomed the 4-week break with open arms, as essays etc had really drained me and I was quite literally in desperate need of some home comforts…

2 weeks in and I was getting restless. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fam and I really do think that now we’ve all matured a little bit (or like to think that we have…) we really get along well. As much as loved going back to being the child, getting fed and having my washing done, I just feel that it’s getting harder and harder to do so. I think that I’m at a bit of an awkward stage; I’m excited about moving on and doing my own thing and yet I can’t help but cling onto being a child and getting family loving and pampering!!

And here I wonder: at which point do I make the actual break from child to adult? I used to think school à uni à adult. But now that so many of my friends are moving back in at home full time sans graduate job, and the fact that I am still majorly financially dependent on my darling parents makes me not so sure that’s the case anymore!

Then there’s the little things… One minute I find myself in a bit of a train hoo-ha and end up missing a flight and just thinking MUMMYYY (Father dearest I am forever grateful for your moral support on the phone 10 minutes before that BIG meeting!) Then the next minute I’m making serious plans about living in Zurich and London next year all on my todd (all the family are abroad) and being genuinely quite excited about going Ikea furniture shopping.

Is it socially acceptable to get excited about buying a Billy Bookcase but still want your mum to wake you up with a cup of tea, open the shutters (yes, the Swiss have Chalet style shutters…) and tell you to rise and shine?! Aaaargh!!

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